Many bar and restaurant owners don't think much about their walk-in coolers and other refrigeration equipment until something breaks down.  However, a regular  maintenance routine can be very helpful in keeping your business operating at an optimum level.

cold symbol_sBreakdowns can cost thousands of dollars not just in the cost to replace parts and equipment, but also in food waste and downtime during peak operation times.

Regularly scheduled maintenance can extend the life of your equipment but can also remedy small problems before they become large ones.

Schedule Comprehensive Maintenance Four Times a Year 

Refrigeration experts recommend performing a comprehensive maintenance schedule on a quarterly basis. However, once a month the evaporator should  be checked to spot any ice build-up as well as checking gaskets, door hardware, and drains to clear any clogs. This can be done easily without the help of a refrigeration technician.

Plan the Timing of Your Maintenance

Don't schedule your maintenance near any major events in case any big issues arise.  If repairs  are needed they can then be made to avoid major disruptions to your business.

Maintenance Steps:

  • Clean Coils 
  • Clean Fan Blades
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Check Suction Line Function & Insulation 
  • Clear Drain Lines 
  • Examine Parts for Wear and Tear
  • Check Electrical Connections
  • Test thermometers and recalibrate
  • Test Compressor Function 

Regular inspections save money. The majority of issues that can occur in your commercial refrigeration can make your system work harder and hike energy costs while increasing the frequency of service calls. Unresolved problems often cause costly breakdowns during peak operational periods and sometimes
a complete system failure.

The best way to avoid sudden refrigeration system failure is regular maintenance. Ohio Refrigeration offers full-service maintenance plans that include filter replacements, cleanings to help you pass health department inspections, and full mechanical and electrical checks of all refrigeration equipment. We can tailor a plan for your specific needs. Call us for a free quote today.


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