No one wants to waste food. Here are a few things you can do to keep the food and ingredients in your walk-in fresh and reduce waste. food waste_s

  • Set the Temperature Correctly.
    Know the best storage temperatures for your specific inventory and set the temperature in the proper range. 
  • Don't Overfill Your Walk-in.
    Your walk-in cooler needs sufficient air circulation to function properly. Cold air circulation prevents mold and other bacteria from having an opportunity to multiply. Store containers so there is three inches of space between each one to ensure all sides have access to airflow.  Also, be aware that overfilling can lead to higher utility bills since your equipment has to work harder to cool more inventory. 
  • Organize Strategically.
    Temperature-sensitive foods such as fish and raw meat should be placed in the coldest areas of the unit. These are usually the lower bottom shelves at the back of your walk-in cooler. Items that are more stable can be stored on top shelves and areas nearer the door.  
  • Always Date & Label Food.
    An organized cooler helps reduce food waste.  Include the contents and expiration date of items as well as the date they were refrigerated.
  • Make Space on the Ceiling and Floor for Proper Air Flow.
    Allow at least six inches from the floor for the bottom shelves and at least four inches from the ceiling. Stacking inventory to the ceiling will block airflow.

    These tips can help eliminate food waste and lost profits. Include regular maintenance on your walk-in to ensure that it is working at its peak performance and avoid equipment failure.

    At Ohio Refrigeration, we can also help you maintain your refrigeration equipment. Operations and maintenance issues should be immediately addressed to avoid excessive energy costs and repairs, as well as potential product loss. Give us a call at 614-863-6666 to schedule service.

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