How do you maintain your refrigeration equipment? Do you think about it only when there is a problem or are you proactive and maintain your equipment regularly?   checklists

For optimum efficiency and longevity, it is essential routine maintenance services are performed on your refrigeration system.

Every operation is different, but designing a tailored plan to ensure that breakdowns are limited. The biggest reason for regular maintenance service is having your equipment at full capacity operation to save on energy costs. Ultimately, maintenance services help you save money.

Your daily/weekly to-do list:

  • Monitor your temperature settings. Temperatures too high can cause food spoilage and health risks. When you set the temperatures too low, your equipment has to work harder and can cause premature system failure. The ideal refrigerator temperature is 35°F (1.6°C). Get too close to 32°F (0°C) and you can freeze half the food in your refrigerator.
  • Be sure the unit is air-tight. Older units often have issues with proper sealing. If the gaskets or seals are in poor condition, they can lead to bigger problems. A simple test is to close a piece of paper in the door. There should be some resistance when you pull on it. Call in a professional for advice and repair if the paper comes out too easily. This is a clear indication the seals are compromised.
  • Allow for proper airflow. Without sufficient space around your equipment, your unit can overheat and run less efficiently. Clear away debris and anything that can block airflow.
  • Use economical lights and don't leave them on in walk-in coolers and freezers. Lights not only increase your energy costs, but they also generate heat that can make cooling more difficult. Walk-in freezers require lamps that are specially designed for freezing temperatures and illumination across large spaces. High-output and metal halide lamps are the most common and economical lighting used in standard walk-in freezers.
  • Keep your units clean. Consult the equipment's manual and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

At Ohio Refrigeration, we believe in providing quality workmanship every time. We offer both one-off and contracted services and are open to flexible contracts to suit your business that include a tailored annual maintenance agreement. 614-863-6666

Some of the commercial and industrial sectors we provide maintenance services for include:

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Retail and wholesale stores
Education institutes
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Marine institutes or businesses
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